Wednesday, June 22, 2011

~Kepenatan~ ( ^ . ^ )

Hari ini adalah hari yang sangat memenatkan. Keje dari pagi td, smpai laa ke mlm nie. Agak penat, tp fun. Biase laa nk duit gaji lebih ckit kene la keje kuat. :p . Walaupun, sakit sakit kaki, dade, badan, n kepale. Tp, xnk laa mengeloh, its one of the process working kan??.

So, this is me. Doing nothing while im having my semester brake. People are having fun there while having their semester brake. But, im doing something fun, working and earn some money. It fun working while u were thinking about money. LOL. Na'ah kidding. AM I??

Im working with my father. His own his company that call Restaurant name TOBING. Why TOBING?? because its quite near to the river yg x macam river. LOL. Yeah, im not from a rich family, but we are happy to live in average community. Once up on the time, the word WORKING its like SHIT to me. But now, its quite enjoying for me. Im 21 dude, not 18. Need to become matured now i guess.

In the same time, i miss my baby laah. Sorry syg xleh nk msg2 ari nie. Sbb keje, I will be with you in a moment time nnti. Lps da abiz cuti semester, kite enjoy k. Celebrate kite pnyer aniversary k.

Okey need to go. Nak mandi. CHOW.

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