Saturday, June 18, 2011

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Ini bukan lah pertama kali mizi buat blog. Dah banyak kali dah pn, cume kali nie mungkin nk lebih serius utk menulis blog. Facebook and Twitter dah ade, MySpace, Friendster, PlanetRomeo, and all the stuff yg penah ade smue dah delete, kecuali due tue jee laa. Since that I love to write a diary. Then, how about I write something here, to share my story to others. It will be magnificent to see others comment about it.

For the first time entry for 19. Jun. 2011, the story that I would like to share is, about me, about my life, what is happening around me and and my feelings. Its not easy to write something that need and inspiration. And its not easy to write something that can make people want to read more about whats its happening next. I'm not a writer, and I'm not really good on it. The first think that really came to my mind, that make me want to write something is, about my lover and family.

His is my soul, my life, and my everything. I'm suppose now we should hang out together, eat and have fun and do some crazy think in your room. And, I guess 6 o'clock is the best time to watch X-men rite?. Since I know that u already bought two ticket. And I'm so excited to go to Damansara. Like seriously, I'm so excited. Its been 3 weeks we didn't see each other almost a month. Since that u know, I'm having my semester break now. I know that we are far from each other, but still it doesn't mean that my love towards you will go away like a toilet

Well lets straight to the point here. We are suppose to see each other right now?
Because thats my promise towards you. The promise that I should make it a week ago. But still its not going to happen again. Im sorry for what happen, its not your fault, its my fault. I know that u are so excited about all this, and in the end it happens to be like this. U sent me an sms, saying that : -

"B aritue de bli gift utk cyg, smlm tgh mlm b dah iron bju dah, bju bru lg tu, b dh pkai chantek2 dah ni, b dah groom diri dah, shave misai, ody trim sume, ALL 4 our date 2day..hahaks! sedih sngt2, kecewa ati ni, btwat 2 do kan"

Im feel so, so, so guilty towards you. But you know kan?. When it comes to family think. Its always become my first priority. And I cant do anything with that. I know sayang, u are really mad with me right now. I would not blame at you. Im really sorry for it. And i will accept any consequences that you want to do.

I tau mesti sayang dah fade up kan??
Mesti terdetik d hati sayang utk tinggalkan org??
Mesti klau bole xnk dah lagi tgk muke org??

But i will not blame on you. Like I say, I will accept the consequences. I LOVE U.

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