Friday, June 24, 2011

Restaurant Tobing ( ^. ^ )

Masakan tengah hari. Breakfast lain kali laa amik gambarnyer.

Nie lauk tengah hari, masakan Negeri Sembilan.

Kak Rani tukang buat mee kari and soto, Kak Ain yg malu malu xnk amik gambar nie, tukang tolong Matt.

Mat tukang tebar roti canai..the best penebar

Ibu and Mak Ngan, tukang masak..the best cook in the world, gambar pak ngan x amik laak..

Kak Ina Tukang Buat Air

Kak Yanti tukang amik order, Kak Asmah tukang jge counter and serve customer

The best moment while im working is, to spent time with lovely worker in Restaurant Tobing. We do have such a lovely friends here. Or in other words, lovely accompanying. They are the lovely friends, to talk, make a joke, and lovely sister. While we were really tired doing our thinks, treat a customer. We always make a joke towards each other, so that we would no feel the tiring day of working in that day. Those picture are the time when we were having a busy day.

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